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Pandora is an exclusive representative of the largest European manufacturer of pigments, Kremer Pigments (Germany). In our store you will be able to obtain all assortments of all the available pigments for a reasonable price and deliveries exclusively from our warehouses in the USA.
We also presents a wide variety of other world known art suppliers.
KREMER Pigments have been developed for art and restoration. Their research within the past 30 years has made our range of historical pigments to the largest assortment world-wide. Kremer’s pigments and binders are the reliable assortment for conservators and artists.
KREMER Pigments offers more than 1500 different pigments. Conservators are familiar with historic pigments mentioned in old manuscripts and from old master paintings. Even though the original locations of the historic pigments can often not be mined anymore, similar mines are still available.
We offer Historic Pigments, traditional Binders, Brushes, Mullers and many other Painting Materials. You are welcome to discover our vast selection of colors.
Due to the experience with pigments made of precious stones and minerals, the best industrially manufactured pigments for artistic painting have been selected. Several hundred modern pigments complete the historical palette. Historical and modern binders, natural dyes, modern synthetic pigments, chemicals as well as additives, round off the assortment.
Our assortment consists of over 100 different mineral pigments made from precious and semiprecious stones.
We also offer 4 different qualities of blue pigment made from Lapis Lazuli
Additionally, we offer genuine Sepia made from Adriatic cuttlefish, the famous blue glass Smalt, and, Lead Tin Yellow, the pure yellow of the Gothic and Renaissance painters. Our new products include South American Maya Blue and Egyptian Blue.
For house painting we stock over 60 earth colors from France, Italy, Britain, Germany, and Greece. These are applied either with lime, oil, casein, or acrylic. Our wood-burnt pit lime is made from 98% pure calcium carbonate lime stone and slaked with a minimum of five years, making it one of the few fresco-quality pit limes available today. Our new earth color chart contains handpainted samples of our complete line of earth pigments in casein or watercolor paper.
Our large stock and fast mailing service guarantee a quick supply, nationally and internationally.

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