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{12:31:69} All good things come to those who wait! My icon panel arrived here today, before I say anything more, I have to say how very impressed I am with the quality of the panel, I carn't stop there - the gesso is of the finest order, with the sides of the panel gessoed as well, you have provided me with a very handsome panel indeed. For 30 years I've prepaired my own gesso panels and while with all diligence I did this, the end result served me well. In more recent times I've used custom made panels that have also been gessoed, these were also satisfactory, (without mentioning the US supplier) I thought that was as good as it gets. Not so your work is far superior to anything I've used in the past. I look forward to useing your icon panels in the future, the Lord willing. with many thanks Leonard Brown ( Australia)

Leonard Brown

{12:31:69} Hello, first of all, many thanks for this opportunity ! I would like to now if I can sell my paintings using a such easy material to use to... Sincerely Zelia


{12:31:69} Recently I purchased DVD 'The Icon' and I am truly impressed!!! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for this opportunity to see something like that. I hope in near future that you could present similar dvd with work on some other icon. God bless you! Greetings from Melbourne.


{12:31:69} Thank you so much for offering such finely crafted icon boards. You recently prepared some custome size boards for our Icon Guild in Williamsburg, VA and your extra attention was greatly appreciated. Your boards are always perfectly and beautifully prepared, promptly delivered, and your customer service is unequalled. Many thanks!

Virginia Perry Cox

{12:31:69} A friend of mine just showed me these beautiful boards. I'll for sure will order one for my next project! Thank you for outstanding products!

Jerry Stown

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