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 Squirrel and Kolinsky Sable  handmade Brushes from Russia

Siberian Squirrel Egg Tempera (Watercolor)   Brushes are handmade in Russia. Each brush is crafted from carefully selected squirrel hair, hand-tied, glued, ferrule-fitted, then glued and crimped onto birch wood handles. The cold Siberian climate produces an exceptionally strong hair, perfectly suited to the watercolorist's needs. The Siberian Squirrel hair is softer than sable, points as well, holds more liquid and is easy to control. As it releases color it looses some of its snap, so consequently it is better to use with a wet technique. Although less expensive than sable, it is considered by many to be a better brush.

Kolinsky is a type of mink, which is a member of the weasel family. It is native to Siberia (Russia), where the cold weather allows the animal to grow a thick, long coat. Only hairs from the tail are used in making artists' brushes, while the rest are used by other industries. The finest Kolinsky brushes are not recommended for use in oil paints, because the harsh qualities of oils will damage these brushes.

The male Kolinsky tail hair is used in making the finest Kolinsky brushes because of its superior quality. Female Kolinsky hair has less life compared to male hair. The very finest watercolor brushes are made from 100% male Kolinsky hair, but most Kolinsky brushes are made with a 60% female to 40% male mixture. The best brushes will spring or snap back straight after bending, while the brushes made of mixtures will hold a slight bend. No brush compares with the Kolinsky for control and resilience; it is the ultimate in artist brushes.
 Ideal for Egg Tempera .