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Painting Supplies

Script Liner

Script Liner Brushes

Script brushes represent premium quality artist paint brushes which are designed to satisfy increased consumer demands for a higher level of performance. Script brushes are pointed, narrow brush with very long hair. The great length of the hair enables to draw a long consistent line without reloading the brush. It is necessary for this brush to "hold" a lot of color so as not to run dry before an artist is finished with a scroll or line.     Script brushes is for making a very consistent or fine line and are ideal for creating vines, curlicues, writing, and other fine details of one stroke designs. Many script brushes are made of sable hair, but squirrel and sabeline are also commonly used. The longest sable hair does not possess much spring because the belly of the hair is exposed beyond the tip of the ferrule to gain usable length. These brushes features clean chiseled edges to create crisp accurate strokes.