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Icon Panels

Birch Gessoed Panels

Birch Gessoed Panels (BGP) will make your work easier and will save you money. BGP is necessary for use in Professional Iconography and work for students. Now you don't have to buy an expensive Icon board for your work. You can buy the BGP with professional, natural gesso. 
BG Panel is different from the other standard boards. It is made not from a whole piece of wood, but from high quality birch plywood. The structure of birch plywood allows you to fully avoid unwanted bends of the panel, and is lighter weight. This plywood allows you to make the Icon board in any shape and size.
BGP, like the standard board, also goes through a long and difficult process of applying gesso: both sides are saturated with two coats of rabbit glue, a piece of linen cloth is soaked in hot glue, and then applied to the panel. The panel then goes though a long process of drying after which the gesso is applied; 8 to 10 thin individual coats of gesso are added one by one. Through this careful process, the gesso creates an extremely durable surface.

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